Making balcony plants winter-proof - 5 important tips

Making balcony plants winter-proof - 5 important tips

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Once autumn is here, the plants will soon need to be winterized. What many forget: the balcony plants must also be protected from frost.

Balcony plants also need winter protection

Frost, snow, icy wind - if you want your balcony plants to survive the winter well, you have to pack them well and protect them from the cold. Unfortunately, many garden owners forget that and only focus on the plants in the garden. In the spring the shock is usually great if the balcony plants have not made it through the winter. Therefore never forget to make the balcony winter-proof.

No matter whether climbing, colorful, evergreen, planted in a balcony box or planted in a tub - all balcony plants need winter protection, even if they are hardy. To ensure this, you need a few utensils. This includes:

  • secateurs
  • Straw or pine twigs
  • Garden fleece, bubble wrap or jute sack
  • Wooden or styrofoam plate

This is how balcony plants are made winterproof

➤ Tip 1 - prune plants:

A good preparation for winter is first and foremost to remove old and withered flowers and leaves completely. Depending on the plant, you can also cut it back by a third or even half so that the plant does not waste energy in growth.

➤ Tip 2 - hibernate plants indoors:

If the plants on your balcony are not hardy, they should spend the winter indoors. The bright stairwell, the garage or the basement are ideal as winter quarters. Even in the bedroom, some plants can hibernate if you don't heat it too much during the winter.


Before you take the plants indoors, you should check them for diseases and pests. Otherwise, these could spread to the other plants in the house.

➤ Tip 3 - cover plants:

Hardy plants that can remain on the balcony in winter should always be placed close to a well-protected house wall and covered with straw or fir twigs. Important here: Despite covering with straw or brushwood, sufficient air must still be able to reach the earth. So don't overdo it with the cover.

➤ Tip 4 - Casing window boxes / tub plants:

So that the balcony boxes and container plants are even more protected, it is recommended to cover the pot or the balcony box with a garden fleece, a bubble wrap or with jute.

So that the window boxes and potted plants are optimally protected from the cold from below, you should also place them on wooden or polystyrene panels. (Reading tip: Wintering of tub plants - tips and hints)

If some of your balcony plants are smaller trees or shrubs, it is best to put a jute sack over them and tie them to the trunk with a cord.

➤ Tip 5 - care for balcony plants:

Even if you have winterized your plants and are in a kind of winter rest, you should water them from time to time. Namely, when there are dry periods outside. However, every two to three weeks is completely sufficient. Plants that hibernate indoors, on the other hand, often need a sip of water.