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Garbage cans in the garden - 3 tips for trash can cladding

Garbage cans in the garden - 3 tips for trash can cladding

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Garbage cans. Everyone has them, but nobody really finds them attractive. You can easily integrate the garbage cans into the garden so that they don't attract attention. We have put together 3 ideas here.

It just doesn't work without it. Garbage cans are in every garden. Everyone probably has at least three of them - blue, yellow, and black. For some there is also the green organic waste bin. That is four tons, which must first be accommodated. After all, not everyone has a suitable corner for it. So it happens that the garbage cans are on the wall of the house. And honestly - it's not really nice to look at.

So here are our tips on how to easily hide your trash cans or how to integrate them into the garden.

Garbage can linings: 3 possibilities presented

➜ Tip 1: Use garbage can boxes

So-called garbage can boxes are suitable for making garbage cans disappear. These are already commercially available in various sizes and designs. Such finished systems are often not particularly cheap, especially when 3 or 4 tons have to be accommodated. If you are a little skilled in craftsmanship, you can build such cladding yourself relatively easily. So not only the size can be individually determined, but also the design.

»Video instructions for building a garbage can cover

➜ Tip 2: Use plants as a privacy screen

Places that are equipped with plants look a lot more attractive. Hedge plants are highly recommended, e.g. Yew. This evergreen plant grows relatively quickly, is easy to cut and is also very tolerant of shade. Of course, you can also use other plants or hedges. Depending on what you like.

When you have found the right plant, all you have to do is look for a place for the garbage cans, use the plants all around and the garbage bin is no longer recognizable as such.

3 Tip 3: Hide garbage cans underground

It is even more exclusive if you let the garbage cans disappear from the surface. With a sophisticated but costly system, you can sink the barrels in the ground and make them appear again with the help of a remote control.

➜ Tip 4: Use gabions as a screen

Gabions are also ideal for integrating the garbage cans into the overall picture of the garden. They fit in almost any environment and you can even set them up without a foundation. The so-called lattice frames are then simply filled with stones of any kind and cannot then tip over.

5 Tip 5: Stickers and tarpaulins to beautify

As mentioned above, garbage cans are really not the most beautiful items. But what if you just spice them up a little with cool stickers? There are so many motifs to choose from. Whether plants, famous cities, animals or fun motifs, there are no limits to the selection. At you can even upload your own picture and have it printed as a motif for the garbage can.

In principle, so-called PVC tarpaulins for trash can cladding are very similar (see There is also a large selection of these. The difference: The motif is not glued on, but fastened with cable ties. Here, too, you have the option of choosing your own motif and having it printed.