Treat interfaces on trees correctly

Treat interfaces on trees correctly

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Check the wound regularly

In principle, you should cut trees as little as possible. If it has to be every now and then, then there are a few things to consider.

  1. Should be cut, if at all, in summer. At this point the tree is so strong that it can close the wound itself.
  2. Cuts should always be straight and clean. That means the interface should not fray. The simple reason is that it is not as easy for germs to enter a smooth interface as if they were uneven.
  3. Should one be tempted to do so tree in spring too to cut, then you will not be able to avoid wound treatment. The wound edges are coated with a special wound closure agent, which is available from specialist retailers. The wood core remains free, because the wound can dry faster and the tree can breathe further.
  4. The wound should be checked again and again. After a few weeks, a wound tissue must have formed that closes the wound. If this is not the case, the treatment must be repeated.