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Build garden kitchen yourself - 2 possibilities presented

You want to build a garden kitchen yourself, but don't really know how? Here you will find 2 options how a garden kitchen can look like.

On a nice summer day you want to stay in the fresh air as long as possible. Annoying if you have to go to the kitchen to make dinner.

At a party you organize, it is often the case that guests enjoy the sun and you, as the host, have to stand in the kitchen and prepare the food. You not only miss the sun, but also the whole happening with your friends and acquaintances.

A garden kitchen would be an advantage here. Garden kitchens are not only good for being outside all the time, but also for preparing delicious jams and salads outside. So you don't have garbage and dirt in your kitchen.

Equipping a garden kitchen

Basically, of course, everyone places different demands on their garden kitchen, and the options vary depending on the size and type of property. In addition to the obligatory grill, good equipment includes a wood-burning oven, a sink with fresh water connection and various, easily lockable drawers for cooking utensils. Depending on the size of the kitchen, a refrigerator can also be very useful.

Mobile garden kitchens

Mobile garden kitchens have the great advantage that you can move them to any desired location. No matter where you need the kitchen, either directly on the terrace or in a cozy place in your garden.

With little material for a mobile garden kitchen

Mobile garden kitchens are actually relatively easy to build. Here you need two wooden serving trolleys. On casters would be particularly handy so you can slide the kitchen back and forth. You also need a wooden worktop that connects the two trolleys and forms the base. If you want and are a little bit skilled in the art, you can attach a wall on the outside, which should also be made of wood. Screwed on two more boards, this wall is ideal as another shelf. You can attach drawers and other shelves as you wish.

A hole for the sink and tap is then simply milled into the worktop. You get water for washing up with a garden hose and the waste water is collected in a bucket. A double hotplate is suitable for cooking. Here you can decide whether this should be started up using gas or electricity.

With the mobile garden kitchen, there are actually no limits to your ideas. Depending on your skill, you can build really great garden kitchens yourself.

Fixed garden kitchen

Grill fireplace with oven (from Palazzetti)

If you have the opportunity, you can also build a fixed garden kitchen. This could find its place under a carport or an empty garage, for example. A carport is often the optimal size and at the same time offers a covered seat. In any case, it is important that the floor is level.

Get material

For fixed garden kitchens, particularly robust real wood and stone are available as materials. Cupboards and shelves can easily be built from old wooden cupboards. The oven should remain the only piece of kitchen furniture permanently in place. There are really great tools for the garden (see picture on the right). All other furniture can be set up individually and as required.

Sink and water connection

Of course, a kitchen sink with a water connection should not be missing in any kitchen. Here it makes sense to use a small wooden cabinet. Precise openings for the sink and tap are cut into the worktop with the jigsaw. A garden hose serves as water inlet and the waste water is collected under the sink in a large bucket.

" Tip: You should always dispose of the water regularly so that it does not attract too many insects.

By the way: a wood-burning oven is not just a visual highlight in a garden kitchen. Breads, pizzas and meat dishes taste really delicious from this oven.