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Straw flower: sowing and care of the annual summer flower

Straw flowers not only look great in the garden, but also in dry bouquets. So here everything for straw flower sowing and care. Straw flowers have strong colors A few years ago, the blooming straw flower in innumerable colors was at home in many of our gardens, but unfortunately it has been increasingly forgotten in the recent past.
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Medlar - broad crown, crooked trunk

The fruits taste sweet and sour apples and pears have many gardeners in their gardens. If you want to try something different instead of apples and pears, you should try the medlar. Deciduous tree: the medlar The medlar is a fruit tree that can grow up to five meters tall, loves a sunny spot and a well-drained soil.
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Blue grain: The composition and dosage of the nutrient fertilizer explained in detail

Blue grain is an artificial fertilizer that is very controversial among hobby gardeners. If you want to use it in the garden, pay attention to the composition. Almost every gardener has already come into contact with blue grain. While some no longer want to do without multi-nutrient fertilizers, others argue about its effectiveness, especially when it comes to exotic species that require special care.
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Bedding plants

Making your cat safe in the garden - 6 important tips

What the playground is for children is the garden for cats. However, this must be safe from cats. This is the only way to ensure that nothing happens to your darling. Cat in the garden When a cat moves in, the everyday life of a family changes suddenly. After all, animals are naturally curious and want to discover everything.
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GumBall Gumball - cultivation and care

A tree that fits really well in a front yard is the GumBall Gumball. We'll tell you how to plant and care for them here. GumBall Gumball (Gumball) originating in North America (Liquidambar styraciflua) GumBall can also be easily integrated into our front gardens and small gardens due to its low height of around 2 meters.
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